For all those who laughed when I said Harry Potter sucked, here's a bit of news to prove myself right. Apparently, a retailer book store is opening up a "Harry Potter Helpline" for distressed fans. Hmm. That's gotta mean something. Something in the lines of "this series of books suck so much that it even makes stupid teenagers depressed".

So, two characters are going to be "killed off" in the "final" installation of the book. I hope one of them is Potty pants himself. If he lives, we can be sure Rowling would attempt a "the real" final installation when she someday becomes a broke, single mother again after spending all that British Pounds on luxury and "charity". Harry Potter Helpline, getting depressed (distressed?) over lame fantasy characters... this is proof that there are more stupid people than me out there. All the media frenzy, all that hype... British media and the media in general keep finding ways to go beyond rock bottom. Did I mention this was a third page story in our newspaper? What's next? Jade Goody's own series of racist books???

It seems anyone can make a quick buck by slapping in some goofy fantasy story and weird characters. In fact, I'm gonna work on a novel myself (with Cap's help, of course). Just add a goofy storyline, characters with corny names, made up words (right out of a bad dream), some sex scenes and we've just got ourselves a bestseller... and maybe a box-office hit as well, if it pleases the Hollywood Gods. Oh man, think of all the things I could buy with all that money... all that fame... all those hot chicks Cap and I would enjoy! Hollywood, here I come!