Mariah Carey is me hero. She calls herself prude and poses for Playboy.
I'm forming an exploratory committee to explore why I shouldn't be President. Anyone interested in joining the committee may contact me.
Romano Prodi should just shut the fuck up and go back to Italy and handle his "tough coaliation Government" rather than kissing Indian politician ass.
Bipolar is on the rise I think, one of my friends has just been declared bipolar, along with a few others I know.
Pictures of Ashley Massaro turned me on, but helping my dad chase this wall climbing frog sonofbitch just now turned me off.
I've gotten even more turned off now, I just recieved a spam comment on the "New Template!" post (Thank you Cap and Lizze straight face).

Bad girls suck, good girls swallow.
Dimension Zero is one of the most underrated bands.
Operator logos piss me off. I don't like it covering up the boobies in my cellphone wallpapers.
I have a dentist appointment tomorrow and I'm shit scared of dentists. I hope I don't bite this dentist chick tomorrow.
This retarded wrestling fan would make anyone ROFL.
With all the talk about technological improvements and advancement of mankind, they still don't have a painless way of tooth removal/filling.
I remember a year ago, I almost had sex in a 3D chat, but the chick got disconnected and I'm hung like a horse ever since.
They say opposites attract, then how come super hot and pretty chicks never date me?
People think Mr. T is unintelligent because he uses what we believe to be made up words like jibba jabba. However those words are the answers to the most complicated mathematical problems in the universe. Mr. T. has known this his entire life and does not tell anyone because ones brain would implode if you tried to comprehend the question. Mr. T. pities those who try.

I think I need a shave. Down there too.
Rap, hip-hop and electronic music are the worst forms of music known to mankind.
The Dixie Chicks and Carrie Underwood don't deserve Grammys.
At this rate, Leonardo Dickcaprio and Cars are going to walk away with the Oscars
On the 0th day, Mr. T created God. Then he made God do the rest of the work while Mr. T pitied him.
This is getting quite lame, 'cause I'm not used to being random on short notice.
I hate it when I allow people to give free adivce, they don't... and when I don't want it, I'm flooded with free advice.
I want to post about the cricket World Cup and the Indian team announced for it today, but I'm too sleepy now.
I was going to make another random Mr. T Fact, but he pitied me into not doing it.