Lal the Indian cow has good taste in a meal. Who likes dried grass, or damp hay anyway? That's exactly what the cow thought. And Lal, the non-vegetarian cow from Calcutta decided to treat itself to its master's chicken. After a few rounds of chicken, the cow really fell in love with having chicken for lunch. And dinner. And breakfast. The cow kept chowing down and the chicken kept disappearing. The farmer family decided to stand guard at night at the cow shed, after 48 chickens went missing in one month. And they had the shock of their life when they caught their family cow red handed... err... red feeted?.

Perhaps Lal is one of the cows in this picture...

Chicken eating Cow(s)

An expert vet says the cow's strange behavior is due to "lack of vital minerals in the body". Whatever that means Rolling Eyes. I think the cow was a tiger in its past life, just like the villagers believe. Villagers are always right. Apparently, there are videos of the cow achieving this feat, but I haven't found one yet. It would have been totally brutal, posting a video along with this post! What's even funnier is that the CNN article uses "his" atleast once to describe the cow. But whatever, Lal sure provided us with some LOL. Score one for Indian cows.