We're just two weeks into the Cricket World Cup '07 in the Carribean, and there is just too much news about it... for all the wrong reasons. This World Cup was slated to be the most boring of all since it began in 1975, but it has been making a lot of news, again for all the wrong reasons. It has been filled with controversies, from a funny one like the fallen sight-screen at a practice game to a horrible one like Pakistan team's coach, the great Bob Woolmer's mysterious death, especially soon after the shock defeat of the team to minnows Ireland.

Add to this, the early exit of "Team India" after losses to Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, the excitement reduces a fair bit. And the controversies seem to be happening away from the Carribean as well. Pakistan captain Inzamam's Angry fans retirement probably was forced, both by the Pakistani management and the "passionate" cricket loving public of Pakistan, after their shock defeat and eventual exit from the Cup. The Indian public seem to be at the same level as their neighbor Pakistan, throwing stones and rampaigng the players' house, burning effigies of the captain and the coach, and a "mock funeral" of the team.

Now, those of you who know me well would know how good I am at rants, and how I'm a cricket fanatic. And indeed I am disappointed by India's performance, but taking to the streets and causing havoc is... putting it simply, idiotic. I don't have much to say on this, except that if these cricket "fanatics" were equally demanding from our politicians as they are from our cricketers, and take to the streets every time a politician does something wrong, we wouldn't still be on the list of third world shitholes.

It remains to be seen what more controversies (and news that is just not about cricket) unfold into the third, fourth and fifth weeks into the World Cup.