I didn't realize the thumb was so important for everyday life. Actually, I never cared about the thumb... until I cut myself. No. It was not out of an emo moment. It was an accident. Honest! If you don't believe me, screw you! I was trying to cut the damn tag with a blade from this new shirt I bought, and whamo! I was in a hurry and didn't realize I should be taking it slow, and that I should have had my fingers away from the direction the blade was "travelling".

Anyway, I just realized the importance of thumb, even though it has no use in derogatory gestures. I can't lift a damn spoon properly, can't dial a number, can't lift things. Heck, I can't even move the mouse properly without my thumb. The only thing I could possibly think of doing without the thumb now is taking a shit. And then just now, with some trouble, I made a little GIF to humor myself. Here it is:

Razor for Dummies!

And by the way, I'm going to sue the shirt company for having 495783452 damned tags on their shirt.