Nothing more, nothing less. First, it was Dean Jones' comment that showed them how the team, and especially Gerald Majola, are big pussies. And now after the bomb blast, they've proved they're bigger pussies than anyone could imagine. If the Indian team says that the security provided is sufficient enough and the situation in Sri Lanka is okay, then it must be true. In spite of the Sri Lankan cricket board hiring a security assessment team, and them confirming that the security provided is very sufficient, the South African team hire another security team that is sitting in Dubai to assess the situation, which said "the current risk to the team is at an unacceptable level". Talk about faith. Like the former India cricketer Ajay Jadeja says, "If it's unsafe for one team (South Africa), then it must be unsafe for the other teams too." On the contrary, I'm saying that if it is safe for the Indian team, then it must be safe for the South Africans too.

Understandably, the Sri Lanka Cricket's chief executive, Duleep Mendis, is pissed about it... "I am amazed at their decision to return home," Mendis told AFP. "The government put in place presidential-level security for the team, yet they were not convinced. They took advice from a Dubai firm which is even more surprising. I did not see anyone from this firm in Colombo, yet they prepared a security report within 24 hours sitting in Dubai."

Apart from this whole drama, lets look at the facts. The bomb which exploded wasn't anywhere near any of the teams' hotels. Sources say it was 3 kms away from the teams' hotel. Things like this (bomb blast) happen even if a security team has confirmed its 100% safe. These things are unpredictable. The world is not really a safe place and anything can happen anytime. But cricket must go on (besides, the situation is under control and security for teams is tight). The next fact has already been mentioned above, "If it's unsafe for one team (South Africa), then it must be unsafe for the other teams too." and it's contrary. The civil war in Sri Lanka has been going on for some time now, and the South Africans were playing a test match series no earlier than a month. Now suddenly they want to leave. WTF with that? The truth probaby is that they already knew they didn't stand a chance of winning a single match in the one day format of the game because most of their experienced campaigners are hit with injuries. And the bombing incident happened as a coincidence, and they're using it as an excuse to flee to their homeland. I sure hope the ICC would slap a huge fine on these pussies, 'cause the Sri Lankan board will incur substansial losses because of their pulling out. Imagine how pissed the people of the cricket crazy sub-continent would be.

And as for cricket being conducted in small, island nations such as Sri Lanka and the West Indies, it's nothing short of moronic. Sri Lanka and West Indies venues should be stripped off international status and matches should not be held there, atleast not on a regular basis. This is not the first time a cricket series has been affected by bad weather. And if it is true that bad planning and scheduling is the cause for rain interrupted matches, then the ICC should impose huge fines from the cricket boards for the improper scheduling. Now, click that "add comment" link and give me feedback on my thoughts (if you know about cricket, and particularly the Sri Lanka situation that is).


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