The terrorist I was talking about a few days back is supposed to be hanged tomorrow morning. But as the stupid laws have it, you can't hang a prisoner if he files a "mercy plea" to the President, and the President hasn't done anything about it. Where the fuck did that piece of "law" come from? And though it might be justified in rare cases, how the fuck does it apply to a fucking terrorist? Who attacked the Parliament even.

While completely ignoring this important matter, our President is happily going around Assam, meeting moronic self help group workers. I wonder if he even went through this "mercy plea" that was filed. Is he deliberately delaying the terrorist's death because our President is a muslim too? Is he afraid he'd be a target in the terrorists' hit list if he declined the plea? Does he even know that someone has filed a plea, and he has to look it up?

"Kashmiri leaders have said the execution would fuel a Muslim separatist revolt in the Himalayan region that has killed more than 45,000 people since 1989", cries out loud, Reuters India. Hmm. That's about 2600 people a year. But they never said what killed them. It must be the nut freezing cold more than anything else. Bastard leaders and their misleading stats. If you don't have the balls to execute a terrorist because you're afraid it might cause revolts and protests, then you aren't good enough to lead the country. Go lie down on your momma's lap so she can spank you. Morons.

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