If you thought Diddy's vaginal dryness problem was the funniest thing you've heard in a while, then check out this story.

In a country dominated by stupid politicians and moronic people, that was certainly missing. Well, not anymore. Now we're going to have five year old kids talking about marijuana and bangin' dem hoes. A perfect addition to an already fucked up country. And I thought kindergarten is where you learn the alphabets and numbers...

I'm jealous of the little bastards now. I didn't get to see pictures of boobies and pussy when I was five. Heck, forget five, even when I was 13 - 14. I asked my dad about sex. I asked, "Pop, where do babies come from?" and he slapped me slightly, "Aye! Why do you wanna know?" and I go, "'Cause I'm 18!". We won't be having that kind of a conversation in Indian households anymore. Perhaps the kids can teach their parents stuff they didn't know! That would be a first. Kids teaching parents about sex. Hey, atleast we're one up on the rest of the world. Where else would you find a kindergarten goer talking about sex, in the coming years?

For morons (because there is always one nearby) who didn't get my message, I find this move stupid. This move is probably the resultant of teachers feeling "embarassed" talking about sex to teenagers. One day, we have parents trying to "have a talk" to their already sex educated (by self, of course) child, and the next, we have 5 years olds talking sex and drugs. Everyone calls George Bush a moron. What would they call the person who came up with this idea?

Then again, I might as well befriend the little fucker in my neighborhood. I might learn something new, browsing through his sex education textbook.

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