The last time my dad tried to enlighten me about the "facts of life", it was funny. He made another attempt today, and it was even funnier! Okay, let me get to the details of what happened.

I accompanied my dad to the library today. I wanted to start reading again. It had been quite a while since I was laying off the good stuff. Now, I'm usually into action adventure books. The ones where terrorists always get their ass kicked, and where the good always prevail over evil. I know, I have a good taste . So anyway, I was checking out a Tom Clancy book on computers, and a book by Frederick Forsyth. Along comes my dad, snooping around to see what I was checking out.

He pretended to be checking out the books in the top shelf, but I knew he was spying on me as well. This went on for about two minutes. And then all of a sudden, like the coming of the Lord (you know what I'm saying?), he pops a book in my face and tells me "Try this one! This is an awesome book, I've read it myself!" I'm like woah, and move back a little so I could see the cover of the book. I was almost in splits when I saw it.

Cover page of 'Mallory'It was a book by James Hadley Chase, known for err... racy stuff in his books. The cover had a stripper chick, just like the one here (I couldn't find the exact cover image of that particular book), but only had lesser clothes. There he was, attempting to help me teach the "facts of life". I somehow managed to turn down the book, and promised to check it out the next time I was at the library, all the while trying REALLY hard not to laugh. I already get enough lessons on the "facts of life" on the internet, and on the terrorist books I read (my dad doesn't snoop on the insides of the books I read, just the titles).

On the way back home, he was telling me how stupid it was of me to turn down that book, and how a "page turner" the book was. I just couldn't control myself, I HAD to laugh my ass off. But I didn't. It was a Herculian effort, believe me. From time to time, I pretended to scratch my nose (and thereby concealing my mouth) when a smile crept up, which probably could have turned into a "LMAO!" any second. Then he talked about the other books he had read, like Sidney Sheldons'. I couldn't wait to get home!

I can go on to eternity bitching about how education, especially sex education sucks in the country. But I guess I've already done enough in the previous post on sex education. It's probably God's way of having fun, seeing older and already-enlightened kids trying to be taught... stuff by their worried parents. Seeing parents "having a talk" with an 18+ year old is indeed funny.