Reality shows never thrilled me. In fact, it repels me like how fat and ugly chicks repel a horny-ass teenager on a prom night. Most reality shows are useless and baseless (you'd agree if you aren't one of those Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie and Simon Cowell worshippers). But the hyped up season 6 of American Idol, and the way Paula Abdul, one of the judges ended up drunk on Fox [video], I was intrigued to watch it. And that's when I realized reality shows had dropped to a new low.

In the beginning of the show, there were a lot of awful singers auditioning. By "awful", I'm being polite. So you can imagine how bad they were (Actually, I hate any stereotype, Hilary Duff or Kelly Clarkson-like poppy, lovey-dovey song, but I'll just pretend I liked the other singers for now). At every opportunity available, Simon Cowell would insult the person auditioning. Not just their awful singing, also their looks, dress, hairdo etc. And I noticed a lot of developmentally challenged (read: fat, ugly, nerdy, shortypants etc.) people auditioning. Cowell would have a go at them as well, irrespective of their singing. What surprises me is that there hasn't been a single lawsuit filed for defamation yet. I mean, most Americans love money. They'd jump at every opportunity to make a quick buck by filing a lawsuit.

It wouldn't surprise me if including awful singers, especially the developementally challenged ones, was Simon's idea to climb a few notches up the celeb charts, by making controversial and mean comments. Or it could be that these people are paid to get insulted in front of national TV. Hmm. Either way, human morals have hit a new low. And on the other hand, we have another useless "reality" show, Big Brother. I can't help but mention it, if not blog about it in detail. The only worth the show has is help improve has-been celebrities climb a character high in the celebrity list, so they can be in the news and idiots who watch worthless reality TV would kiss their asses.

Be it corporate assholes who want to control what an artist can/cannot do and take 98% of the money their albums make, idiots who are ready to get insulted in front of national TV for a few bucks or stupid ass has-been celebs dissing, insulting and racially abusing in hope that they'd be the talk of the town, reality TV and human morals have hit an all time low. It remains to be seen how much more worse it could possibly get.