1. I could pee anywhere I want to, and no one would complain.

2. No one would complain if I grow/don't shave off hair in "unusual" places.

3. I could wake up and go to sleep anytime I want

4. There would be no stupid rules in "dating games", like "oooh, you gotta be handsome and wear tight leather pants and have a 15 inch schlong to get laid". Even a pug is considered cute.

5. I could fuck any random bitch (no pun intended) I want.

6. I could eat whenever I please. I'd just have to wag my tail at my dumbass "master", make a puppy face and I've just got my meal!

7. I don't have to take the pains to bath, someone will do that for me.

8. I just do some stupid tricks in front of chicks, and I've got myself some hotties for fans.

Dogs Bathing
9. There are no everyday human worries. I'd get to lie around all day in my doghouse.

10. I'd get to bite random people who I find stupid.

11. I would have atleast one best friend if I were a dog.

12. I could pant and drool over chicks as much as I want to and they wouldn't look at me like I'm some kind of creep.

13. I could get into a hot chicks lap by just wagging my tail.

14. I would finally get to hear what a "dog whistle" sounds like.

15. I don't think dogs suffer from bipolar disorder and depression.

16. No one would complain if I go around town chasing cats like they would if I did it now.

17. I have more chances of appearing on a movie if I were a dog.

18. There are no disgraces to Dogkind like there is to Humankind like Paris Hilton, Ian Benardo and Britney Spears.

19. There aren't any corporate dickheads in the Dogkind.

20. Woof woof!

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