"Fence plowing". It's the new in-thing amongst American teenagers with no life. First, it was Ghostriding. Just when I thought it was the lamest idea anyone could come up with, someone outdid their retarded self and came up with this fence plowing (Actually, it was me. Everyone everywhere knows that, but one Adam Schwarzenneger-something got his 15 minutes of fame before I could call up Fox news sad). Here's the video:

AhEm straight face... Two things... First, Fox news is groundbreaking. Any channel that interviews the lowest common denominator of the society is groundbreaking. Way to go. Give the producers a cookie. Second, like this one commenter on YouTube points out:

Perhaps somebody should point out that, a few weeks ago when the story first aired on FOX and they were saying it's "the latest teen craze", there were only 7 returns on you tube and 94 on Google when I search "Fence plowing". Up until that point, I've never even heard of the thing. "Now there are a whole bunch of fence plowers on you tube" as they say in this recent video. Now I get 12 replies on you tube and 120,000 on Google. Perhaps it was actually FOX that pioneered teens destroying your expensive privacy fence. Way to go FOX. Score one for the team. F' Yeah!

Here's another video of a common denominator so low that he's a negative integer:

If John Kerry saw these video's, he'd go, "Go get some education, son! Or you'll end up in Iraq!". And he is right. Retards like these would be useful in Iraq to tackle them suicide bombers. Even if they die in the process, there's not much to lose. Good riddance.

Oh by the way, watch out for these idiots in your neighborhood. And don't be shy to take them out with your shotgun. And if you happen to have a brick fence, then you could put a fake wooden fence around it, and watch the fun if these idiots arrive in your neighborhood. You could even record it on video and put it on YouTube to get your fifteen seconds of fame.